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pyxmms-remote command-line interface to XMMS
Installed size 200
Maintainer Ernesto Nadir Crespo Avila <ecrespo@debianvenezuela.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.13-3
Depends python, python-xmms (>= 2.04)
Suggests python-xmms, mpg321
File name pool/main/p/pyxmms-remote/pyxmms-remote_1.13-3_all.deb
Description PyXMMS-remote allows you to control (or start, or terminate) an XMMS session from your shell's command-line (or a program, or a MIME-aware application, or whatever you want). . There are a lot of queries and actions you can perform with PyXMMS-remote. Here are some examples: play or pause the current playlist entry, stop playing, jump to a playlist entry, add files or URLs to the playlist, get or set the volume, balance or the equalizer settings, toggle the main or playlist window, end the XMMS session... . PyXMMS-remote is written in the Python programming language and uses (through PyXMMS, packaged as python-xmms in Debian), the xmms_remote_* functions provided by the libxmms library, hence its name.

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