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songwrite guitar tablature editor and player
Installed size 988
Maintainer Marc Dequènes (Duck) <Duck@DuckCorp.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.14-2
Depends python, python-support (>= 0.2), python-editobj (>= 0.5.6-1), python-tk (>= 2.3), lilypond (>= 2.4), gv | gnome-gv, timidity | playmidi | pmidi
Suggests somaplayer-doc
File name pool/main/s/songwrite/songwrite_0.14-2_all.deb
Description Songwrite is a guitar tablature (fingering notation) editor and player, quite similar to TablEdit. In addition to tablatures, it also supports staff, lyrics and drums. . Printing support and playback are available through external programs. . Songwrite was formerly know as GTablature.

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