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alml SGML typesetting system able to generate PDF, PS, HTML and TXT
Installed size 5300
Maintainer Gaetano Paolone (bigpaul) <bigpaul@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2005.01.01-2.2
Depends perl, tetex-bin (>= 0.9.990310-1), tetex-extra (>= 1.0.2), latex-ucs, latex-ucs-contrib, latex-ucs-uninames, html2ps (>= 1.0), liblocale-gettext-perl (>= 1.01-8), sharutils (>= 4.2.1-1), imagemagick (>= 4.2.8-9), sp, psutils (>= 1.17-9), gs, gs-common, sgml-base, sgml-data, tetex-base, dvipdfm, lilypond (>= 2.1.0), transfig, dviutils, gnuplot
Suggests liballegro-doc
File name pool/main/a/alml/alml_2005.01.01-2.2_all.deb
Description Alml is a SGML typesetting system developed for a big italian document: "Appunti di informatica libera"; Alml is made for very big documentation projects, and can generate PDF, PostScript, HTML and pure text output.

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