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apsfilter Magic print filter with automatic file type recognition
Installed size 2372
Maintainer Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 7.2.6-1.1
Depends lpr, file, a2ps
Suggests gs, pnm2ppa, dvips, bzip2, groff, html2ps, imagemagick, libjpeg-progs, netpbm, psutils, sketch, transfig
File name pool/main/a/apsfilter/apsfilter_7.2.6-1.1_all.deb
Description apsfilter makes printing many file formats much easier. It features on-the-fly decompression and conversion, and works on both PostScript and non-PostScript (via Ghostscript) graphical printers. . Among the supported formats are: gzip, bzip2, compress, freeze, pack, ASCII, BMP, data (PCL, etc.), DVI, FBM, FIG, FITS, GIF, Group 3 fax, HTML, IFF ILBM, JPEG, Kodak Photo CD, MGR, MIFF, PBM/PGM/PNM/PPM, PDF, PNG, PostScript, RLE, SGI, Sketch, Sun raster, Targa, TIFF, troff, WPG, X pixmap, XCF. Note that actual support depends on the installed filter programs.

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