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dict-gazetteer2k-places Places Database for the 2000 US Gazetteer
Installed size 2772
Maintainer John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.0.0-5
Depends dict-gazetteer2k-places, dict-gazetteer2k-counties, dict-gazetteer2k-zips
Suggests dict, dictd
File name pool/main/d/dict-gazetteer2k/dict-gazetteer2k-places_1.0.0-5_all.deb
Description This is a database of (primarily) United States cities using information gathered in the 2000 census. Each entry contains: * Full name for the city * Type of entry (city, borough, village, etc) * Total population and housing units * Total land and water area, given in both square miles and square kilometers * Government FIPS code * State the city is within * Latitude and longitude of the city * ZIP codes for the location from 1990.

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