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dictem Dict client for emacs
Installed size 112
Maintainer Yauheni Kaliuta <y.kaliuta@gmail.com>
Architecture all
Version 0.8-1
Depends dict (>> 1.9.14), emacs21 | emacsen
Suggests dict-gcide | dict-web1913, dict-wn, dict-jargon, dict-foldoc
File name pool/main/d/dictem/dictem_0.8-1_all.deb
Description DictEm implements all functions of the client part of Dictionary Server Protocol(DICT) protocol (RFC-2229, www.dict.org), i.e looking up words and definitions, obtaining information about available strategies, provided databases, information about DICT server etc. . It uses autocompletion that is used for selecting dictionary and search strategy. Moreover, DictEm provides several hooks which may be used for buffer postprocessing. . Homepage: http://www.mova.org/~cheusov/pub/dictem

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