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ding Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)
Installed size 392
Maintainer Roland Rosenfeld <roland@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.4-4
Depends tk8.4 | wish
Suggests agrep, ispell, ingerman, ibritish, dict
File name pool/main/d/ding/ding_1.4-4_all.deb
Description This is "Ding" * a dictionary lookup program for Unix, * DIctionary Nice Grep, * a Tk based Front-End to [ae]grep, ispell, dict, ... * Ding {n} :: thing . This package needs agrep(1) or egrep(1) as a back end. agrep is preferable, because it supports fault tolerant searching. . You have to install some translation dictionary word list with a word/phrase in two languages in one line with some kind of separator between them. The default configuration of ding uses the German-English dictionary which can be found in the trans-de-en package, but you can use every other translation word lists with one entry per line. . Homepage: http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~fri/ding/

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