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namazu2-index-tools Full text search engine (Tools for index handling)
Installed size 756
Maintainer NOKUBI Takatsugu <knok@daionet.gr.jp>
Architecture all
Version 2.0.17~rc4-2
Depends perl, libfile-mmagic-perl, namazu2-common
Suggests namazu2, libnkf-perl, libtext-kakasi-perl | kakasi | chasen, bzip2, groff, mhonarc, libmp3-info-perl, wv, unzip, xpdf-utils, rpm
File name pool/main/n/namazu2/namazu2-index-tools_2.0.17~rc4-2_all.deb
Description Namazu is a full text search engine which is usable via cgi. It features a simple and easy setup, and is written in C and Perl. Namazu uses the text utilities nkf and kakasi (or chasen, which is not available in Debian). . This package including only index handling(ex, create) tools. Index file format of namazu2 is incompatible with namazu1's one. Actually, namazu2 packages is needed for searching.

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