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txt2tags a conversion tool generating HTML/SGML/LaTeX/man/MoinMoin/mgp/PageMaker files
Installed size 1556
Maintainer Christian Surchi <csurchi@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.3-1
Depends python
Suggests python-tk
File name pool/main/t/txt2tags/txt2tags_2.3-1_all.deb
Description txt2tags is a format conversion tool written in Python that generates HTML, SGML, LaTeX, man page, MoinMoin, Magic Point and PageMaker documents from a plain text file with little marks. . Different from other conversion tools, it is generic, and not target-specific (as a txt2html tool). This way, you can keep just one source text file and one tool for all your formatting needs. . Supports header, title, bold/italic/underline, preformatted, quote, link, lists, bar, image and table. . With txt2tags, you focuses your mind on the document CONTENT, and forget about formatting. Just let the program do this dirty job.

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