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uim Simple and flexible input method collection and library
Installed size 20
Maintainer Masahito Omote <omote@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1
Depends uim-common, uim-gtk2.0, uim-xim, uim-utils, uim-fep
Suggests fwlogwatch
File name pool/main/u/uim/uim_1.2.1-9_all.deb
Description uim is a input method module library supporting various languages, which become a frontend for Anthy, SKK, Canna, PRIME, T-Code, TUT-Code, Pinyin(Chinese input method), Hangul(Korean input method), IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet) and etc.... Most of the functions are implemented with Scheme, so it's very simple and flexible. . This package is a dummy package for newbies. You can safely update or remove this package. But this package does not depends on Japanese plugin packages because uim is not specific for Japanese. If you want to use Japanese Input methods, you have to install one of the following packages. . uim-anthy: Anthy plugin for uim uim-canna: Canna plugin for uim uim-prime: PRIME plugin for uim uim-skk: SKK plugin for uim

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