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wpp The Web Preprocessor - a Perl script to preprocess HTML files
Installed size 980
Maintainer Tibor Csögör <tibi@tiborius.net>
Architecture all
Depends perl, libio-stringy-perl
Suggests libengine-pkcs11-openssl, guessnet, iproute
File name pool/main/w/wpp/wpp_2.13.1.35-2_all.deb
Description WPP is a small Perl script that allows preprocessing of HTML files. You can define variables, which are abbreviations for longer constructs, and include common HTML fragments. It's useful for giving a uniform layout to different HTML pages. It can be used in cgi-bin programs for automatic generation of pages. With less HTML code inside them you can make more flexible and readable scripts. . WPP provides four separate facilities that you can use as you see fit: inclusion of text/HTML fragments, variable expansion, conditional generation, macro expansion. . Homepage: http://wpp.sourceforge.net/

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