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cacti Frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services
Installed size 3600
Maintainer sean finney <seanius@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.8.6i-3.5
Depends apache2 | apache | apache-ssl | apache-perl | httpd, libapache2-mod-php4 | php4 | libapache2-mod-php5 | php5, php4-mysql (>= 4.3.10-9) | php5-mysql, php4-cli | php5-cli, php4-snmp | php5-snmp, virtual-mysql-client, rrdtool, snmp, logrotate, libphp-adodb (>= 4.50-1), ucf, dbconfig-common (>= 1.8.8), debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0
Suggests bochs-doc, debootstrap, grub-disk, gcc | c-compiler, libc-dev
File name pool/updates/main/c/cacti/cacti_0.8.6i-3.5_all.deb
Description Cacti is a complete frontend to rrdtool, it stores all of the necessary information to create graphs and populates them with data in a MySQL database. The frontend is completely PHP driven. Along with being able to maintain Graphs, Data Sources, and Round Robin Archives in a database, cacti handles the data gathering also. There is also SNMP support for those used to creating traffic graphs with MRTG. . This package requires a functional mysql database server on either the installation host or remotely accessible system. If you do not already have a database server available, you should also install mysql-server.

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