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). (X, Y) options for cell (X, Y) text for cell (X,Y)... ((X,Y)) options for header cell X,Y text for header cell (X,Y)... . Rows and cells may be specified in any order, numbering starts at 1. X and/or Y may be replaced by regular expression, explicit range or even arbitrary Perl code to indicate rows or columns. Options or text (or both) may be omitted for cells. Cells may be omitted completely if they are empty or fall under the rowspan/colspan specifications of another cell. Cells may contain arbitrary HTML text, including other freetable tables.
freetable Facilitates production of HTML tables
Installed size 96
Maintainer Luk Claes <luk@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.3-3
Depends perl
Suggests freesci-doc
File name pool/main/f/freetable/freetable_2.3-3_all.deb
Description Freetable is a perl script that aims to make the production of HTML tables a little easier. This script works as a filter, reading stdin and writing to stdout. . The input syntax is as roughly follows: . initial text (e.g.

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