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iceweasel-greasemonkey iceweasel extension that enables customization of webpages with user scripts
Installed size 348
Maintainer Michael Spang <mspang@uwaterloo.ca>
Architecture all
Depends iceweasel (>= 2.0+dfsg-1), iceweasel (<< 2.1)
Suggests iceweasel-gnome-support (=, latex-xft-fonts, xprint, mozplugger, libkrb53
File name pool/main/g/greasemonkey/iceweasel-greasemonkey_0.6.6.20061017.0-2_all.deb
Description Greasemonkey allows users of the Iceweasel web browser to create or download user scripts which modify the content or behavior of web sites. It provides a powerful way to personalize the web. The scripts are written in JavaScript and have access to many of Iceweasel's features. . A large collection of prewritten scripts can be found at userscripts.org

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