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imageindex generate static HTML galleries from images
Installed size 168
Maintainer Michael Ablassmeier <abi@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.0.9-2
Depends perl-base (>= 5.8.4), perlmagick, imagemagick (>= 6
Suggests ssh, perl-suid, libsocket6-perl, namazu2-index-tools, bogofilter | spamoracle | bsfilter
File name pool/main/i/imageindex/imageindex_1.0.9-2_all.deb
Description Imageindex generates standards-compliant static HTML galleries of images (usually JPG photos, but can deal with images of just about any format). Some features: . * Only out-of-date thumbnail/medium images are generated * Captions come from comments embedded in images (never get lost!). * Output is customizable with CSS stylesheets * Can fetch EXIF header data from digicam photos * Can optionally recurse directory trees * Index, detail, slide, and frame views.

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