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mailreader Simple, but powerful WWW mail reader system
Installed size 1616
Maintainer Maurizio Lemmo (Tannoiser) <tannoiser@tenzione.it>
Architecture all
Version 2.3.36-1.1
Depends apache-ssl | httpd, perl-base (>= 5.002), debconf (>= 1.0.25) | debconf-2.0
Suggests libjcode-pm-perl (>= 0.73-1), pop3-server
File name pool/main/m/mailreader/mailreader_2.3.36-1.1_all.deb
Description Mailreader is a light and simple web based mail user agent written in Perl. The very simple configuration distinguishes it from other webmail solutions. It requires an available POP3 server on the network for normal operation, as it does not support IMAP or other means of accessing mail spools. . To use Mailreader's support for Japanese you need libjcode-pm-perl installed, please ignore this suggestion otherwise. . For the highly recommended use of secure connections a httpd with SSL support (like apache-ssl) is needed.

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