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mozilla-diggler A set of URL manipulation utilities for Iceape and Iceweasel's location bar
Installed size 300
Maintainer Mike Hommey <glandium@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.9-14
Depends iceweasel | iceape-browser
Suggests abiword-gnome, gpdf
File name pool/main/d/diggler/mozilla-diggler_0.9-14_all.deb
Description Diggler adds a button next to the location bar which can clear the location bar (much like the one in Konqueror) but also drops down a menu with some useful actions such as being able to disable popup windows and navigate to parent directories in URLs (handy for FTP operations and nested sites). . Note: Diggler looks pretty good in Modern and Classic themes but due to its nature it might need tweaking for other themes. If you think this is the case, raise a bug and attach a screenshot illustrating the problem you are seeing.

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