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mozilla-livehttpheaders Adds information about the HTTP headers to Iceweasel and Iceape
Installed size 544
Maintainer Mike Hommey <glandium@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.13.1-3
Depends iceweasel | iceape-browser
Suggests abiword-gnome, gpdf
File name pool/main/l/livehttpheaders/mozilla-livehttpheaders_0.13.1-3_all.deb
Description This extension allows the user to see HTTP headers exchanged during an HTTP request. . It can be helpful to debug web applications, see what kind of web server the remote site is using, see the cookies sent by the remote site, see the content sent by the browser during a POST request, etc. . These HTTP headers are available in a Headers tab in the Page Info dialog, and from a Live HTTP Headers tool in the Tools > Web Development menu in Iceape and Tools menu in Iceweasel. . It is also possible to modify a request and replay it.

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