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mozilla-tabextensions Tabbed browsing extensions for Iceape
Installed size 2416
Maintainer Mike Hommey <glandium@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.1.2006031301-6
Depends iceape-browser
Suggests abiword-gnome, gpdf
File name pool/main/t/tabextensions/mozilla-tabextensions_2.1.2006031301-6_all.deb
Description Tabextensions is an extension for Iceape which enhances the tabbed browsing experience with lots of neat features, such as support for reordering tabs, opening pop-up windows in tabs, single window mode, open each bookmark in a folder in a different tab, and much more... . Warning: this extension may add some instability to your browser, since it intrudes into core operations like loading pages, showing popups, add/removing tabs, etc.

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