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otrs-doc-en Open Ticket Request System - English documentation
Installed size 3144
Maintainer Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1
Depends perl (>= 5.8), apache2 | apache-perl | apache | apache-ssl, libdbi-perl, libauthen-sasl-perl, libdate-pcalc-perl, libemail-valid-perl, libio-stringy-perl, libmime-perl, libmailtools-perl, adduser
Suggests otrs
File name pool/main/o/otrs/otrs-doc-en_1.3.3p01-4_all.deb
Description OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System (also well known as trouble ticket system) with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries. . This package contains the documentation for otrs in English language.

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