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php-db PHP PEAR Database Abstraction Layer
Installed size 816
Maintainer Debian PHP Maintainers <pkg-php-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.7.6-2
Depends php-pear
Suggests php-cli
File name pool/main/p/php-db/php-db_1.7.6-2_all.deb
Description DB is a database abstraction layer providing: * an OO-style query API * portability features that make programs written for one DBMS work with other DBMS's * a DSN (data source name) format for specifying database servers * prepare/execute (bind) emulation for databases that don't support it natively * a result object for each query response * portable error codes * sequence emulation * sequential and non-sequential row fetching as well as bulk fetching * formats fetched rows as associative arrays, ordered arrays or objects * row limit support * transactions support * table information interface * DocBook and phpDocumentor API documentation . DB layers itself on top of PHP's existing database extensions. . Drivers for the following extensions pass the complete test suite and provide interchangeability when all of DB's portability options are enabled: fbsql, ibase, informix, msql, mssql, mysql, mysqli, oci8, odbc, pgsql, sqlite and sybase. , There is also a driver for the dbase extension, but it can't be used interchangeably because dbase doesn't support many standard DBMS features. . DB is compatible with both PHP 4 and PHP 5.

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