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php-simpletest Unit testing and web testing framework for PHP
Installed size 792
Maintainer Charles Fry <cfry@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.0.0-4
Depends php4-pear (>= 4.4.0) | php-pear, php-http-request (>= 1.2.0)
Suggests php4-cli | php5-cli
File name pool/main/p/php-simpletest/php-simpletest_1.0.0-4_all.deb
Description SimpleTest is a testing framework built around test case classes. These are written as extensions of base test case classes, each extended with methods that actually contain test code. . These tools are designed for the developer. Tests are written in the PHP language itself. The advantage of using PHP itself as the testing language is that there are no new languages to learn, testing can start straight away, and the developer can test any part of the code. Basically, all parts that can be accessed by the application code can also be accessed by the test code if they are in the same language. . Homepage: http://www.lastcraft.com/simple_test.php

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