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phpgroupware-phonelog phpGroupWare phone logging module
Installed size 188
Maintainer Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch@debian.org>
Architecture all
Depends phpgroupware (>= 0.9.16)
Suggests slapd | ldap-server, postgresql | mysql-server, courier-imap | imap-server, libdbi-perl, phpgroupware-manual, phpgroupware-todo, phpgroupware-notes, phpgroupware-email, phpgroupware-nntp, phpgroupware-calendar, phpgroupware-addressbook
File name pool/main/p/phpgroupware/phpgroupware-phonelog_0.9.16.011-2.2_all.deb
Description phpGroupWare is a fully web based groupware system. It includes applications such as email, calendar, todo list, address book, file manager, notepad. . This phpGroupWare module is meant to help you and your coworkers track incoming calls. You can use it to quickly enter a note for your colleague that John from company John Incorporated called, and that your colleague needs to call back urgently, for instance. The module is designed to help you, so if you only heard the company name and part of the name of the caller, you can quickly lookup all know contacts for that company.

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