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phpwiki informal collaborative website manager
Installed size 13328
Maintainer Matt Brown <mattb@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.3.12p3-5etch1
Depends debconf, apache2 | httpd, php4 | php5 | libapache2-mod-php4, php4-pear | php-db, php4-mysql | php4-pgsql | php5-mysql | php5-pgsql | php4-sqlite | php5-sqlite, ucf (>= 1.05), dbconfig-common (>= 1.8.21)
Suggests php4-imap | php5-imap, php4-ldap | php5-ldap
File name pool/updates/main/p/phpwiki/phpwiki_1.3.12p3-5etch1_all.deb
Description A Wiki is a dynamic website which can be edited by anyone at any time. Over time bad information is naturally filtered out, since the barrier to modification is very low. Malicious or accidental destruction is obviated by the keeping of backup versions of all pages. . Installed as part of this package is introductory material to the Wiki concept, which can be viewed via the Wiki interface when the package has been installed.

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