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spl-core SPL Programming Language
Installed size 440
Maintainer Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 1.0~pre2-1
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), libexpat1 (>= 1.95.8), libncurses5 (>= 5.4-5), libpcre3 (>= 4.5), libreadline5 (>= 5.1), libuuid1
Suggests libsphinx2g0
File name pool/main/s/spl/spl-core_1.0~pre2-1_i386.deb
Description SPL is an embeddable programming language with a wide range of features. This package contains the core functionality for spl. If you need the adapters for a database consider installing one of spl-postgres, spl-mysql or spl-sqlite. . Features include but are not limited to: * Completely stateful. It is at any point possible to interrupt a running SPL script, dump its entire state to disk and resume later on. * Feature-Rich. SPL has native support for hashes and arrays, regular expressions, object oriented programming, etc. * Dynamic. SPL is a full dynamic language - with all the advantages and disadvantages. * C-Style Syntax. SPL has a c-style syntax (as well as many other languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, slang, etc). So it is easier to get started. * Advanced String Lexing. SPL allows the programmer to simply embed variables and complex expressions in string and template files. E.g. this is very important for rapid development of web applications. * Well-Structured Backend. The SPL runtime is not just one big blackbox. Instead there is a clear and visible seperation of compiler, assembler, optimizer, virtual machine, etc. This makes it possible to easily adapt the library for your special needs when embedding it in your applications. . Homepage: http://www.clifford.at/spl/

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