Chapter 1. Introduction

The main objective of the project is the creation of a library of free-software components for the design and development of real-time and embedded systems (RTES).

To help development we will setup a framework encompassing all components, kernels and tools; we will call this framework the OCERA Framework (OF).

To reduce the difficulty of development within the OCERA framework we have to provide it in an easy and consistent way so people will be able to develop with not too much trouble.

It is reasonable to make an effort to avoid, as much as possible, the usual problems developers face when they begin using new libraries and tools. It is common to have dependency problems, unresolved paths, header files not found, etc... and those problems are many times what prevent people from using those tools. We expect to avoid those problems with the OF.

If someone get the OCERA software package, what should she be able to do with it? What the common use of this software would be? It is important to answer these questions in order to study and define how OCERA components will be built.

We try to provide a framework so developers can: