Kernel Components Architecture

From the point of view of a developer that is building new kernel components for the OCERA project, the kernel components can be classified in two types, depending on where the source code of that component will be finally allocated.

These kind of components will be developed for both kernels present in the execution platform: Linux and RTLinux. In fact, one of the goals of this project, at kernel level, is to provide the same API in Linux and RTLinux, from the real-time point of view.

The term high-level, low-level or application-level used to classify the components is not related with the complexity or criticality of the component. It only refers to the fact that requires or not to modify the current kernel source. This classification can be applied to soft and hard real-time components, being the low-level components for the Linux kernel probably the most complicated to develop and maintain, due to the complexity of this kernel.