Development tools

The development tools are the same than the used to develop the Linux kernel: GCC, binutils, make, etc.

It is possible to do cross development (host-target) and stand alone development, that is, use the same computer to compile and run/test the embedded system.

Programming languages

The main programming language is "C". But it is also possible to use C++.

API compatibility

The original API do not adhere to any standard, but it has module which provides some compatibility with POSIX: mutex, conditional variables, message queues and POSIX threads.

Software watchdog

The higest priority periodic task that protects the systems against tasks errors. Available policies:

Generate code for RTAI from Simulink (RTW)

The Real-Time Workshop (RTW) is a tool that produces C-code or target specific code directly from a Simulink model for a variety of environnements, including real- time systems.