Time and timers

Time resolution

Tick timer resolution depends and can be set on BSP level.

Clock functions

Clock Manager provides functions for examining clock resolution clock_getres(), setting and getting real time clock_gettime() and clock_settime(). Execution delay functions sleep() and nanosleep(). Functions gettimeofday() and time() reads actual calendar time.

Application timers

Next POSIX API functions are provided by Timer Manager. Per-process (application) timers can be created and deleted by functions timer_create() and timer_delete(). Timer expiration time can be set and examined by timer_settime() and timer_gettime(). Number of overrun counts can be check by function timer_getoverrun().

There are many other time related functions provided through different manages as well: alarm(), sleep(), nanosleep(), sigtimedwait(), pthread_cond_timedwait(), etc.

Facilities to add new hardware timers